Cindi Stoneman, MA, LPc

 Professional Counselor

distance counseling or therapy Online 

 I offer Distance Counseling or Online Therapy services through FaceTime, Skype, phone or E-Mail.  I offer my insights and teach you the skills designed to help you make better life decisions, balance your emotions, break free from negative self-talk, and live more authentically.  

We all have an inner drive towards unlocking our highest potential.  Yet at times we sabotage our efforts towards personal growth or feel we lack motivation.  Do you feel constantly drained, or 'stuck?'  Perhaps struggling with a bad habit?  Are you anxious or depressed?  Let me help you.  Start Online Therapy today.

I offer my On-line virtual office.  Services are for Adolescents, Adults Individually or Couples.  Services in my office locally are limited and still available.  I offer my on-line services through FaceTime or Skype (face to face) via the computer. Currently these services are only available for clients who reside in the state of Arizona or call Arizona their home base.  

On-line counseling is my way of bringing solutions and insights to your problems without disturbing the natural flow of your life. For those of you who may have busy professional schedules or those whose family requires 24/7 care, On-line counseling is the ideal solution. Instead of stressing to make it to a session, your session can take place in the privacy of your own office or home. 

Going on a vacation with your entire family or working part-time in another state? With on-line counseling I'll be right by your side whenever you need me. Have your session wherever you choose; whether from home, an Italian coffee shop, or a hotel conference room I can meet you virtually anywhere.

How do I get started?

1.  Contact by phone or send an email to set up first session.  

2.  Go to the Purchase Page to pay for session

​3.  Download documents needed on Form Page